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AI-Native RegTech Platform

for Private Capital Markets

A regulatory compliant trading marketplace built on AI-native RegTech platform (patent pending) offering to trade derivatives of venture funds, private equity, and other private assets. We are democratizing access to accredited investors around the globe, while creating early and continuous liquidity for private asset holders.


We guarante transparent information, secure transactions and complete adherence to regulations.

Liquidity Matters

A podcast focused on the issues, changes and opportunities facing private equity investors today. Each episode, host Zubair Quazi, CEO of Liquid Capital,  interviews the luminaries, thought leaders, and innovators driving the private investment industry forward.

Liquidity Matters Ep 5: Technology Evolution in Financial Markets w/ Zubair Quazi & Graeme Muirhead
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Episode 5: Technology Evolution in Financial Markets  with Graeme Muirhead, Managing Director at Bank of America

In the fifth episode of Liquidity Matters, Liquid Capital's own podcast, our host and CEO Zubair Quazi talks to Graeme Muirhead, currently Managing Director at Bank of America, and a well-known and highly regarded financial technology executive with over 30 years of hands-on experience as a leader of large technology teams. Aside from his day job, Graeme currently serves as an advisory board member for the Center for Research toward Advancing Financial Technology funded by the National Science Foundation and industry leading financial companies, and has both finished and competed in 18 ironman competitions. Join them as they dive into what it’s like and what’s required to compete in so many Ironmans, a deep dive into the current and upcoming changes to technology in the financial services industry, and how technology adoption differs between public and private markets, and what this means for both your and the greater financial sector going forwards

Liquid Insights

Insights into the liquidity challenges faced by venture capital funds and private investments in today’s marketplace.

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