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A $Trillion Opportunity for Liquidity Alternatives

As macroeconomic challenges linger, private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) funds are grappling with constrained exit options and mounting liquidity needs.

Locked up liquidity in venture funds alone has reached $1.1 Trillion of unrealized net asset value (NAV) in funds that are 2016 vintage year and older.

Traditional routes like mergers and acquisitions (M&A), buyouts, and IPOs have all grown more arduous due to mounting debt costs and volatile valuations. Stock market instability has particularly impacted later-stage companies, causing a 46% drop in pre-money valuations for US Series C deals. This predicament has left funds struggling to find suitable buyers or viable IPO exits. Lackluster stock performance further exacerbates the issue, with PE and VC-backed IPOs plummeting. To navigate this landscape, VC and PE funds are on an extensive search for alternative liquidity solutions exploring options from continuation vehicles to looking at NAV loans to ensure asset liquidity and attractive returns.

Liquid Capital is pioneering a game-changing, AI-based continuous liquidity solution for VC funds and private investments.

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Liquid Capital Revolutionizing Liquidity for Private Capital Markets


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